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Kovacsik Immigration Law, P.A. is dedicated to representing noncitizens seeking immigration benefits or in removal proceedings in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and across the United States.

Kovacsik Immigration Law, P.A. is a zealous advocate for immigrant rights.

Founded by Immigration Attorney Zaida Kovacsik, the firm represents clients in a variety of immigration matters. Zaida is a member of the District of Columbia Bar, American Immigration Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, and the Hispanic National Bar Association.

When you choose our firm to represent you in your immigration matter, you can rest easy knowing that you have a caring and compassionate Immigration Lawyer fighting for your rights to remain in the United States.

Cuando ICE detuvo a mi esposo le negaron la fianza y luego contactamos a Zaida. Ella nos ayudó en el proceso de apelación estamos muy agradecidos por toda su ayuda durante este momento difícil en nuestra vida.


I had a wonderful experience with Kovacsik Immigration Law. Zaida started working on my case right away and was always available to answer my call. I cannot thank Zaida enough for being so caring and helpful.


I am a US citizen and I married my wife a month after she arrived in the US on a visitors visa. A close friend recommended that I contacted Zaida. Zaida helped us through my wife’s immigration process. She is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone in a situation as difficult as ours.


Yo fue víctima de un delito violento y después de solicitar la visa u Zaida me ayudo a conseguir la green card y permisos de trabajo para mis hijas. Zaida es muy amable y nos trató con mucha atención.


Zaida helped me during my cancelation of removal. When my case was initially denied I was afraid I.C.E. was going to detain me again so to calm me down Zaida would come with me when I had to check in with I.C.E. and she drove me to and from my immigration court hearings. Having her there at I.C.E. helped me feel like I was going to be ok and when she drove me to my hearings I didn’t worry about I.C.E. stopping me when I left the courthouse. Zaida filed a motion for the immigration judge to reconsider my case and we won the motion! Thanks again Zaida.